partnering to deliver a more sustainable environment

About EnviroPartners

EnviroPartners Pty Ltd was set up in Brisbane in 2007. EnviroPartners is a sole directorship that often partners with highly skilled practitioners to deliver a more sustainable environment.

EnviroPartners’ business objectives are

  • Relationships with discerning, strategic clients who share similar values and ethics
  • Outcomes that lead to a more sustainable environment, especially impact mitigation.

EnviroPartners provides project and general environmental management support to

  • mining, infrastructure, building and energy markets;
  • associated government market;
  • community and professional associations

who want to achieve sustainable outcomes including climate change mitigation and adaptation.

EnviroPartners Director Simon Cavendish has more than 40 years experience in environmental management and engineering project management. He has worked with all project stakeholder groups and on all stages in project delivery.

Enviroparteners and its Director have worldwide management experience.

Simon Cavendish's resume [50 KB]